Noble Spirit
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Paul Noble lives in Australia, a country which many affectionately refer to as “The Land Of Oz”, and its inhabitants as “Aussie battlers.”

Some have described this land as similar to that portrayed in Frank Baun’s children’s book, “The Wizard of Oz,” with its strange creatures, unusual landscapes, and odd people, but the citizens are fiercely proud of their land and their way of life, especially the notion that all people are equal under the sun.

This is illustrated by their quick reaction to anyone who might begin to display an air of superiority, as they are quickly “put back in their place” by their mates. In young Paul Noble’s day, this concept of equality applied to all, except of course the younger generation. Children were expected to be seen and not heard. This especially applied to those who were described as, “Wards of the State,” a position in which this young man found himself.

Follow his story as he grows up within the institutions of South Australia, and later his adventures, as a young man eager to experience much of what this “Land Of Oz” has to offer. When finally he is confronted by the choices and responsibilities that come with adult life, how will he cope? What direction will he take? The answers are all contained in this wonderfully inspirational book that will cause you at times to both laugh and cry.

Allow your imagination to be taken on this fascinating journey through a world and an era which many readers will remember, but few have experienced, in this land affectionately called “Oz”.

A great read!


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